Monday, 8 March 2010

Keeping warm!!

I've spent most of the day indoors wearing a woolly hat and gloves with a blanket wrapped around me and cuddling a hot water bottle. Oh and wearing my very snuggly warm ugg-like slipper boot thingies. Yes it was a sight to behold and my hubby wasted no time in dishing out the not very funny remarks!!

The reason for this was that last night I thought I could smell gas in the airing cupboard where our boiler is. I got everyone else to come and have a sniff and the consensus was that yes, possibly it may smell a bit like gas but they weren't sure. So I rang the emergency gas line and half an hour later a nice man came and turned off our heating and cut off the gas supply. I had to wait until late afternoon for an engineer to come and check the boiler and test the gas for leaks. There wasn't a leak thankfully. I just wish the gas man could have tested it last night then we wouldn't have spent all day with no heat and no hot water.
Changing the subject slightly, I was recently nominated for Sunshine award by the lovely Beccy from Designs By Reis. Thanks Beccy - I'll decide who I'm going to pass it on to soon.
I've added some new pieces of jewellery to my Folksy shop - some more floral earrings, these really cute vintage tortoise earrings and this pretty Fairytale Locket and Key necklace.

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  1. Lovely jewels and great photography, shows it all off really well.