Monday, 22 February 2010

A very sad day.

This morning we had to have our beloved cat Pickles put to sleep. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in July last year. At that time we didn't expect to even have him for a month but he surprised us all and lived for 7 months. He had 2 embolisms in that time but he got through them with lots of love and care. Sadly today the third embolism was too much for him and we had to make the heart rending decision to have him put to sleep.

I am completely distraught. Although it was the right and only thing we could do in that situation, my heart is breaking not only because I shall miss him so so much but because I know his brother will be crying for him soon when he realises that he's not here.

Pickles was the most beautiful and adorable cat I have ever had the honour to know. We developed such a close bond in the time that he was ill. He had to have several tablets and an injection every day but was an absolute darling and never made it difficult. I am trying to take comfort from the fact that he was spoiled rotten and lived the life of a lord. He was so happy and to look at him you would never have known that he was so ill. He was doing everything that he did before he was diagnosed - running up and down the stairs, chasing his brother and playing with his toys. This morning was no different - we even commented on how well and bright he was. That is the nature of the beast though - blood clots happen so quickly and with no warning.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Folksy Friday time again!

It's Friday again and time for me to showcase some of the lovely things I've found on Folksy today. I'm planning a revamp of my banner (yes again!) and I'm going for lovely soft colours of aqua and pink. They look so pretty together that I thought this would be ideal for the theme this week.

I love the gorgeous colours in this Butterfly and Flower felt headband from Lupin Handmade

A beautiful floral chintzy bag from Lilly and Roses

These resin earrings from Nelli D are so cute but then so is everything in her shop!

How about these lovely peg magnets in hot pink and aqua from Mymiyel

I love this pretty body warmer - if I had a little girl I'd definitely get her this. From Angelic Folk... Finally we have this gorgeous floral bunting from Hollie Lollie...

Friday, 5 February 2010

Folksy Friday

Another week almost over and I thought I would showcase some of the fab finds on Folksy today. Looking forward to the spring I thought I would focus on leaves - it's my favourite time of year when the new leaves start to appear. So to kick off is this lovely leafy oven glove and apron set from Pidgeonstitch - the colours are gorgeous aren't they?
Next we have these stunning earrings in fine silver and copper from Ali Bali Jewellery. I actually had a hard time choosing which piece to feature as they are all gorgeous.

Finally I love this bag in black and cream from pipdesigns. Check out the shop - there are lots more gorgeous bags.