Friday, 5 February 2010

Folksy Friday

Another week almost over and I thought I would showcase some of the fab finds on Folksy today. Looking forward to the spring I thought I would focus on leaves - it's my favourite time of year when the new leaves start to appear. So to kick off is this lovely leafy oven glove and apron set from Pidgeonstitch - the colours are gorgeous aren't they?
Next we have these stunning earrings in fine silver and copper from Ali Bali Jewellery. I actually had a hard time choosing which piece to feature as they are all gorgeous.

Finally I love this bag in black and cream from pipdesigns. Check out the shop - there are lots more gorgeous bags.


  1. Great choice! And yes, I agree about Ali Bali Jewellery - it's difficult to decide which peace to feature, as they are all lovely :)

  2. Ali's work is all stunning, couldn't agree more.