Monday, 22 March 2010

Tea and Scones

The weather was beautiful here yesterday so it was lovely to get out in the fresh air and not be shivering for a change. Hubby and went for a drive to a little village called Heydon which is about 10 miles or so from Norwich. It's like stepping back in time as it's very olde worlde and has been used as a filming location for several tv period films and dramas.

I had a scrummy cheese and herb scone in the little tea shop - hubby had a piece of lemon drizzle cake. I'm not really a cakey person - I love savoury things (unless it's chocolate which always wins hands down!). We thought we should really have a walk to burn off those calories so we went for a wander around the grounds of the beautiful Heydon Hall. I would love to live there - just imagine how many craft rooms you could fill up!
I meant to update my blog last week as I wanted to share some good news - my son got the job that he went for. He had the interview on the Friday and they rang him up on Saturday to say he'd got it. We're all so pleased for him - it was his very first interview so he did really well. It's a part time job as he's still at college so he's working Fridays and Saturdays and every other Sunday. He started last week and really enjoyed it. My baby boy is all grown up!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Keeping warm!!

I've spent most of the day indoors wearing a woolly hat and gloves with a blanket wrapped around me and cuddling a hot water bottle. Oh and wearing my very snuggly warm ugg-like slipper boot thingies. Yes it was a sight to behold and my hubby wasted no time in dishing out the not very funny remarks!!

The reason for this was that last night I thought I could smell gas in the airing cupboard where our boiler is. I got everyone else to come and have a sniff and the consensus was that yes, possibly it may smell a bit like gas but they weren't sure. So I rang the emergency gas line and half an hour later a nice man came and turned off our heating and cut off the gas supply. I had to wait until late afternoon for an engineer to come and check the boiler and test the gas for leaks. There wasn't a leak thankfully. I just wish the gas man could have tested it last night then we wouldn't have spent all day with no heat and no hot water.
Changing the subject slightly, I was recently nominated for Sunshine award by the lovely Beccy from Designs By Reis. Thanks Beccy - I'll decide who I'm going to pass it on to soon.
I've added some new pieces of jewellery to my Folksy shop - some more floral earrings, these really cute vintage tortoise earrings and this pretty Fairytale Locket and Key necklace.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Folksy Friday

The end of the week again and time to have a look at some of the things I've found on Folksy. I went for a house theme this week. I tried Picasa for the first time and the mini collage I made went slightly wrong as the pictures should be square! I'm impressed with Picasa though - editing pictures is so easy and I can get a lovely bright white background which I seem to be having problems doing with Paint Shop Pro at the moment.
1. House from Strangelord
2. Little House Key Wristlet from Magenpie
3. Paper Mache Little House from Niche
4. Pixie House Coin Purse from DinkyDaisy
I hope you like my selections this week and pay a visit to these Folksy shops.

Monday, 1 March 2010

A new week!

Tinker (left) and Pickles.

It's a week now since my beloved cat passed away. The first couple of days were awful - I've never cried so much in my life. Losing Pickles has hit me harder than any other cat we've lost. I think it's because I'd spent so much time with him over the last 7 months. He was a perfect patient - he graciously allowed me to shove tablets down his throat 3 times day and inject him once a day (although he did occasionally have a little grumble!)

We had Pickles cremated and have now got his ashes with us. I was very worried about how his little brother would cope. We've had them both since they were 8 weeks old and Pickles was very much the big brother. He would always look out for Tinker, wash him and generally follow him about. The first few days Tinker kept looking for him and was a bit unsettled but today he seems much more relaxed. We've been giving him loads of cuddles and playing with him to keep him occupied.
As they say - time is a healer....