Friday, 5 March 2010

Folksy Friday

The end of the week again and time to have a look at some of the things I've found on Folksy. I went for a house theme this week. I tried Picasa for the first time and the mini collage I made went slightly wrong as the pictures should be square! I'm impressed with Picasa though - editing pictures is so easy and I can get a lovely bright white background which I seem to be having problems doing with Paint Shop Pro at the moment.
1. House from Strangelord
2. Little House Key Wristlet from Magenpie
3. Paper Mache Little House from Niche
4. Pixie House Coin Purse from DinkyDaisy
I hope you like my selections this week and pay a visit to these Folksy shops.


  1. Oh fab finds, especially loving the wristlet Vx

  2. Love all the houses, great selection. I've just put one of your items on my Folksy Friday!

  3. Lovely finds. I love Dinky Daisies purses and already have two:)

  4. Fantastic pics. I love Dinky Daisy's purses!

  5. Thanks guys. I'm eyeing up one of Dinky Daisy's purses myself :)